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Silver Surfer Vaporizer

Silver Surfer Vaporizer

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Silver Surfer Vaporizer 1 pc. Silver Surfer Vaporizer Unit 1 pc. Quick Change Wand 1 pc. 3/8" super soft whip 1 pc. Glass Mouthpiece 3 pc. Replacement Screens 1 pc. Custom Glass Stir Tool 1 pc. Hemp Carry Bag

 Silver Surfer Vaporizer

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Silver Surfer Vaporizer The Silver Surfer Vaporizer is one of the better heating vaporizers on the market. Designed by 7th Floor, a Colorado company known for herbal vaporizers Silver Surfer and Da Buddha, this vaporizer is extremely heat efficient and particularly amazing when it comes to maintaining heat and consistent vapor. Made out of an aluminum encasing, this herbal vaporizer can change temperature from 200˚F to 900˚F. To add onto that, each vaporizer comes full customized – with a custom glass blown hand knob and glass heater cover, it comes guaranteed that your vaporizer will be one of a kind and maintain its status as a work of art. How to use the Silver Surfer Vaporizer: Using the Silver Surfer Vaporizer first requires some temperature regulation. The first thing you want to do when turning on your vaporizer is putting the knob at its maximum level for two to three minutes – this should warm up the vaporizer and allow you to proceed to the next step. Once the vaporizer has heated up, make sure to regulate the temperature to the ideal heat needed for your herb. Most herbs require only about one-third of the maximum heat, so make sure you know exactly how hot you want it to be – be careful because your herb will burn if it is too hot. Using various settings before finding the right one is a preferred method. Once your temperature is accurately set, find an herb grinder with which to finely break down your herb. Complaints have mentioned that larger chunks vaporize poorly, so make sure to have smaller pieces for maximum efficiency. Then, put the herb into the wand, but do not fill more than a fourth of the wand. Afterwards place the wand into the glass heater’s hole until both pieces come together. Keeping the wand there and inhale. Within a few drags you should easily be able to consume the majority of the herb. When finished just flip the wand to release the already used herb. Warranty Information: 7th Floor offers a three-year warranty on the Silver Surfer Vaporizer (this unfortunately excludes glass). Though only three years, if this herbal vaporizer breaks for any reason, it can easily be fixed for $25 or less including parts and labor. Why the Silver Surfer Vaporizer: The Silver Surfer Vaporizer is a trusted brand. Being on the market for a while, this herbal vaporizer is sure to come reliable. With a great design and maximum vapor output, there is no doubt that this vaporizer is among the best. Allowing for a hands free option, this vaporizer is fairly simple to use and entirely great. Plus, it is the only vaporizer on the market that fits the description of an oil vaporizer – allowing oil to be vaporized also at an efficient rate. Overall it is reliable, dependable, and plainly well-manufactured.

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